LOCATION : Service / Sale & Rent 
No.8 Fuchuan Road, Bancang National Industry Park, Ziliujing District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province.

how to order:

step 1: communication

we are willing to fully understand all your needs in order to provide you with professional advice and the most unique theme products.

step 2: design

we provide technical solutions according to project requirements, we also provide detail design including outer shape, material, color, function, etc., in order to best match your venue with best theme effect. of course, you can also directly choose our standard products.

step 3: product price

standard products: please consult our sales for catalog, appearance detail and color is optional. customized products: we will quote according to the design draft and request. we can produce a wide range of products, please contact our sales.

step 4: payment

we accept a variety of payment terms, such as: bank transfer (t/t), letters of credit (l/c), open account (o/a) to reduce clients’ worries and financial pressure.

step 5: production and production time

we have a perfect quality control system to produce in strict accordance with request.

standard production time: 1 pcs needs 10 days, 2~5 pcs need 15 days,6~10 pcs need 20 days, 11~20 pcs need 30 days, please confirm with us before order.

customized production time: we need to calculate separately.

step 6: transportation

we offer all types of transportation and related documents service. the fastest delivery, the easiest purchase and importation process. the same time, we provide an estimated cost list ahead to ensure the interests of customers.

step 7: installation

we provide one time free service to install the exhibits. during the exhibition or after the end of the exhibition, if you want our technician to stay with show, to dismantle or remove the show, please contact our sales about related costs.

step 8: training

we offer whole set of operation manual and disc for use. if need, we provide one time free on-site training to help you build your own on-site management and maintenance team.

step 9: after-sale service

we offer free lifetime technical advice and 2 years free hardware and software upgrading service. if there is any quality problems, please contact your sales representative or call 0813-2112677 directly, we will respond within 24 hours (except sundays and holidays).