LOCATION : Service / R & D 
No.8 Fuchuan Road, Bancang National Industry Park, Ziliujing District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province.

       quality is life, technology is our advantage in competition. as we constantly improve product

 reliability, we never stop to upgrade our product to meet market request.


1. mechanical structure and power system development
       we calculate and design mechanical structure and dynamics system based on requirement of the

products  to make sure that product structure is more reasonable, movement is more realistic,

performance is more stable. we can use dc motors, brushless motors, servo motors, pneumatic and

other power system to adapt to different customer needs.

2. material development

        we continue to test different new materials to upgrade internal structure and external art to improve

and enlarge product function, mostly reduce short-board effect.

3. control system optimization & software simplification 
        our adopt modular design concept, condense the different functions to different modular chip, this

is easier for maintenance and upgrading product, the same time, it helps to increase the control system

stability. in addition, we continue to improve control accuracy, make the product more lifelike by editing

program. the use of the control panel is also more simple and convenient. customers only need to

connect our product with the local power supply, it start to work. in addition, for our animatronic products,

we offer a variety of sound effects and multiple sets of movement selection. customers can easier edit

movement and sound through our window software one time, speed, direction, voice to make products

more personalized.